Install WireGuard on odroid hc2

I recently got an odroid hc2 that I want to use as local NAS device. Since it took me a while to find the correct linux headers so I could install WireGuard I’m doing a quick write-up. Of course I’m using arch linux for this.

Use vim to edit text anywhere

For people that are used to the superior vim keybindings it may be nice to use their favorite editor on every text input, no matter if its a in another application or on a website. This small script helps so you to never again write text in a non-vim environment.

Debuging API clients using http reverse proxies

While developing API clients it can often be helpfull to inspect the traffic that gets sent to the server. For HTTP APIs this can be easily achieved by using mitmproxy in reverse mode.

Bash function for checking crypto prices

Very lightweight way of checking the prices for ETH, BTC, LTC or whatever suits you the most.

Download all files from a purchased Humble Bundle

These two snippets can be used to download all books or videos from a purchased Humble Bundle without manually saveing every file.